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Platinum supports a world leader in the discovery and development of medical products and knowledge solutions against chemical threats through research, education and training, and consultation.

We compile and analyze experimental data with commercially available spreadsheet, graphics, and statistical analysis programs, present research findings at scientific meetings, and publish findings in peer-reviewed journals or institute technical reports. Our biomedical research activities contribute to long-range program planning, assisting in preparation of research proposals to funding agencies.

We are experienced in providing BioMedical Research for:

Platinum designs, implements and conducts biochemical, pharmacological, and chemical analysis components of experimental investigations. We support the development of novel analytical and preparative methods for the analysis of chemical agents, related compounds and classified compounds in organic and aqueous formulations.

Platinum’s trained professionals evaluate and install sophisticated, complex medical equipment and systems to include standalone equipment and components that contain integrated circuitry and microprocessors. Platinum has a thorough understanding and knowledge of integrated systems designs and is able to determine whether items are compatible with existing utilities and existing equipment and components and what modifications to utilities are necessary to ensure the equipment operates as the user intends. Platinum’s biomedical equipment technicians provide technical advice to research staff regarding technical reviews of new equipment considering needs, environment, available facilities, network requirements, quality, repair ability, purchase, and overall life cycle management. We also offer advice and assistance in equipment selection, application, care, and operation, and advise prospective users on maintainability, suitability, and adaptability of equipment.

We inspect new equipment to determine whether the equipment is safe and operating within manufacturer’s specifications, perform installation of new medical equipment systems, and communicate with research staff to provide assistance and in-service training, setup, calibration, operation, and application of equipment. Our technicians perform maintenance, troubleshooting, repairs, overhaul, and surveillance testing of electronic components, medical equipment and systems, and modifications. We conduct preventive maintenance checks and services (PMCS) inspections of research equipment and operate a wide variety of Test Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment.

Platinum’s HR engine has assisted many agencies in staffing their most specialized, challenging talent needs. We have a track record of working with organizations to convey their capacity goals and align those with their workforce needs. We offer our clients educated, trained, dedicated and highly reliable staff that we trust to represent our name. Platinum employees also experience industry competitive benefits, adding to the ease of our employee retention.

Platinum’s research activities result in hard won, sometimes sensitive information. Our clients trust us with the physical and conceptual results of research activities that have an impact on corporate competitiveness and even national security. We currently hold a Secret Facility Clearance and are in the process of attaining a Top Secret Facility Clearance. Our CAGE Code is 59N47.

For any organization to run smoothly, careful detail must be paid to the day-to-day activities that keep the wheels turning. We have experienced administrative support and professional personnel with proven readiness to initiate work immediately upon award. Our staffing policies adhere to methods that have proven most successful in attracting and maintaining a qualified and stable workforce as well as the requirements of FAR 2852.222-17.